Intermediate Training Group

The intermediate group was launched in January 2013. It was setup for runners who had already worked their way through the Beginners Group 8 week training plan. It is also open to people who can already run for at least 30 minutes without stopping.


The runners who attend the Wednesday sessions are currently running 3 times a week, twice on their own and once as a group. The group sessions are where we do the speed work, such as tempo runs, hills and intervals. We have also started doing a few trail runs as well as doing group long runs. 


The group members have used this group to prepare them to run 5k PB's, complete their first 10k and two runners have both successfully built up to completing their first half marathons this year. We now have a large number of runners training for their first Half Marathons, they really have come a long way.   

If you are interested in these group sessions or want some help planning and achieving your goals, please message me